Increased Business Transactions

Facebook messenger is one of the biggest chat platforms in the world. Over 20 BILLION messages are exchanged each month between users and businesses. It’s now one of the biggest first-point contact methods that customers use to ask businesses questions. 

Gone are the days when chat services were just used for flirty messages and dodgy usernames (XOBarbieDoll94XO is online). Now, chat services are sophisticated pieces of software that mean you can interact with customers in real time and even complete sales through the service. 

The Coronavirus lockdown has now pushed the service even further, with Facebook reporting a 50% increase in messenger traffic!

This is partly made up of people sending messages to businesses finding out whether they can still access their products or services, despite the lockdown.

Benefit From This Tool’s Simplicity and Popularity

Having a Facebook business page, but not utilising the messenger platform with it, is like buying a lawnmower without blades. Sure, it’ll look like you’re doing the right thing, but in reality nothing will change.

The Messenger app is available on almost every phone in the world, and certainly every laptop or computer, so there’s no excuse for a business not to use it with so many potential customers online every day.

Another great feature introduced last year is messenger website integration. Meaning you can now integrate your business Facebook messenger into your website directly, even customising it to match your brand colours! 

Some customers will feel more confident to ask simple questions through this platform to help them make that all important buying decision. So, just because the question seems trivial, don’t ignore it.

It could be the last thing that a customer needs to know before they hit the add to basket button!

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