Artistic Blinds SEO Campaign to date

It's still early days with Artistic Blinds but we have already seen some very promising results. SEO has been at the core of their digital marketing efforts, and they have seen a steady increase in organic enquiries and rankings since we kicked off the SEO campaign. We are continuously improving our SEO strategies to ensure Artistic Blinds continues to achieve more visibility online.

When Artistic Blinds approached us after receiving one of our brochures our target was to get their website generating enquiries after a year of nothing. We began by carrying out detailed keyword research to identify the phrases that would best target their audience. We then focused on an in-depth content plan using these keywords, combined with various other SEO techniques.

We know that SEO is not a quick fix, but with a carefully planned SEO campaign, Artistic Blinds will continue to see success over time. So far, our SEO initiatives have included keyword research and optimization, content creation and promotion, link building, technical SEO adjustments and beyond.

We have also been utilising PPC to drive more enquiries for Artistic Blinds. This has been working well and we have seen an increase in conversions since we began working with them. We have also been focusing our efforts on local SEO, targeting people who live near the company’s headquarters. This has resulted in a higher click-through rate and more enquiries.

Overall, Artistic Blinds is seeing impressive results from its SEO campaign. Enquiries are up and rankings are steadily increasing, which is a great sign for the future of their digital marketing efforts. We look forward to continuing our work with Artistic Blinds and generating even better results as we move forward.