Climatech Lead Generation Campaign

The Brief

The client, a local business, was facing a significant hurdle when it came to handling enquiries. They were receiving enquiries from all across the country, resulting in substantial expenses that ate into their profits. 

Concurrently, their competitors were benefiting from receiving inquiries right at their doorstep. This posed a significant challenge for the client and called for immediate action to bring about a much-needed transformation in their operational dynamics.

With a skilled and dedicated team primed to handle an increased workload and driven by their ambition, they aspired to firmly establish themselves as one of the leading suppliers in their district. 

The Results 

The dedicated SEO team put in tremendous effort to enhance our local SEO strategy. They focused on creating high-quality, engaging content, executed well-planned on-site optimisations, and implemented strategic off-site campaigns. By consistently building trust with Google, we ensured their website gained the visibility it deserved in local search results.

With the implementation of our strategy, we witnessed a significant increase in local awareness, propelling their market share online from a mere 6% to an impressive 11% in just 5 months. This remarkable growth highlights the positive impact of our efforts and showcases the potential for further expansion in the future.

With this notable increase, we were thrilled to witness a staggering rise of 121.6% in organic traffic, contributing to a remarkable 138% increase in conversions. These impressive results highlight the effectiveness of our strategies, providing a substantial boost to our online presence.

Everyone involved, including the client and the team, is extremely pleased with the immediate results we have achieved. However, we are not content with just that. We are eager to reach and surpass our further targets, as doing so will enable us to forge a long-standing and fruitful relationship with Climatech. With this mutual determination and shared vision, we are confident in our ability to succeed together.