Hills Residential SEO campaign

Hills Residential first partnered after a very successful campaign on Hills Self Storage which is a sister company under the Hills Group banner. We were instructed to run an SEO campaign specifically a New Builds & New Homes SEO campaign. Our SEO team worked closely with the Hills Residential team to create a strategy that would ensure maximum SEO visibility, organic rankings and increased website traffic.

The SEO campaign was broken down into two stages; on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO involved improving the technical SEO structure of the website as well as optimizing copy for targeted keywords. This was followed by a comprehensive link-building program which included local citations, content promotion, social media promotion and guest blogging. We also implemented other tactics such as creating infographics to boost brand awareness in the digital space.

Through our SEO efforts, Hills Residential saw a significant increase in website visits from organic search results within 3 months. In addition, Hill Residences' subsequent keyword rankings have also improved substantially.

Overall, Hills Residential SEO campaign was a success and we were delighted to have contributed to their growth in organic search visibility. We are proud to be part of their SEO journey and look forward to seeing more positive SEO results in the coming months.

It is clear that SEO can make an effective difference when executed correctly and the Hills Residential case study is a prime example of this. It shows how SEO efforts can help businesses improve their website rankings, visibility and traffic from organic searches.

We are yet to make further improvement, but with a 3.02% increase in market share already we would expect to see huge growth in Conversions and visibility from the Hills Residential SEO campaign in the near future.

We are excited to be part of this journey and look forward to seeing Hill Residential reach even greater heights through its SEO efforts.