How we transformed J.T Few's new website!

We were instructed to develop J.T Few new websites for 2 main reasons one of them being more online visibility due to contractors outranking their current website and buying the materials directly from J.T Few and the other to develop a more modern website. In order to increase J.T Few's online visibility, we integrated Web design with SEO to make sure that their site would appear as the top search result.

We also made sure to use high-quality images and videos that would help promote their brand. As for the modern website, we used better use of photography to showcase their fleet and services. We also used a more minimalistic approach to the design in order to make it easier for users to navigate. Overall, we are extremely happy with the end result and so is J.T Few!

Our in-house team re-wrote the content on the website pages to ensure a more consistent voice across all of the website's content. We also added new pages, local landers such as the "Recycled Aggregates Ipswich" page and a "Services" page, to help potential customers learn more about J.T Few. In addition, we designed custom graphics for the website that reflect J.T Few's brand identity. Finally, we implemented an SEO strategy that will help J.T Few's websites ranks higher in search engine results pages.

We are extremely proud of the work we did for J.T Few and we are confident that their new website will help them achieve their business goals. And with the success of this campaign, we have also been instructed to develop the Eco Concrete website.