russell collins

Russell Collins

So in the past few weeks, we at TLMT have undergone some changes, within our staffing and our business as a whole. We have adopted a new client system that helps us monitor our analytics much better and allows us to keep on top of client campaigns and schedules in a much less complicated way. We have been doing so many things to help get us onto another level that puts us in a different league within the marketing industry. We have strategically been thinking of new ways to stay current,  relevant and relatable to our clients, following our ethos of educating, entertaining and inspiring those who come across our content.

With that, we have also added to our team a new Business Development Manager. We would like to introduce to you our new starter Russell, wishing him a warm welcome to our TLMT team. Being a new starter anywhere may be daunting to some and overwhelming for a lot of people. But at the same time, it is also quite exciting because it allows for team integration and positive changes. Russell has settled in extremely well and has taken to TLMT like a duck to water.

It has been such an exciting time in our business with us heading into Q4, we had a team strategy meeting where we discussed what new targets we will have in place and looked over what we have accomplished over the year till now. It was a great way to put our heads together with a joint effort as a new team. It is always refreshing to hear new ideas from the entire team and how various conversations can be interpreted through different marketing approaches.

Russell has been a great addition to the team however Russell isn’t new to the sales and business development side of things with his vast knowledge in other industries. He has already wowed us by landing two SEO sales and a website within the first 2 weeks. Russell has had meetings with our director regarding the direction of TLMT.

We at the TLMT are confident that Russell is a great addition our team and can see how well he has settled in, we look forward to seeing his continued success along the way. Well done Russell.

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