Top Website Trends in 2023

Trying to build a site which accurately represents your business? Leave it to TLMT to keep you informed of this coming years’ hot website trends.

Is web design the pain of your working life? If the thought of developing a webpage stresses you out, you need a top quality, Essex-based digital marketing agency to do it for you. With our skills and expertise, you could be up and running in the digital marketplace in no time. Our SEO experts are hard working and dedicated to making your business stand out online. Website design is just one of the many tools we use to do this. We keep our ear to the ground regarding website trends. Here are a few predictions for 2023.

Top Website Trend Predictions for the Coming Year

The world of web design is constantly evolving. Here are some of the hot new trends coming onto the scene for 2023.

1 – Short Digital Animations

Video advertising has been the best new thing in the digital marketplace for the last few years running. If you want to add value to your page in the loveless eyes of the Google bot, you need to give them something exciting and different. Anyone who follows any YouTube channels aimed at Alpha Gen will already be familiar with the micro-animation. The flashing words, the cartoon effects, the shooting stars and all the other little quirky animations that make a channel successful, could do the same for your website. Especially so if you sell to the younger market.

2 – VR and AR Immersion

We are seeing more and more VR and AR marketing on sites, particularly with high end products. Virtual representations of your best goods and services allow the user to know what they are buying. If you can create an immersive luxury e-commerce experience from the moment the user arrives on your site, you can retain customer loyalty, bring them back to spend more time with you online, and hopefully land that sale.

3 – Scroll Sites

The younger the client, the more prone they are to doom scrolling. If you can harness the potential of the doom scroll on your website, you can keep them there for hours. Linking in your TikTok and YouTube feeds, running a link from Insta to your page, and even adding great blogs filled with images, are all good ways to encourage this. The longer they spend on the site, the likelier they are to spend.

Remember, you can come to TLMT for our Conversion Rate Optimisation service to turn those leads into solid sales if you get stuck. We even offer Social Media Management to bring it all together. You can browse some of our client projects and see for yourself.

4 – Flashback Websites

Flashback to the 90’s, anyone? Retro graphics are in. They have been for a while, but now those graphics are filtering from the revival of old computer games right down to the websites we use. Millennials love retro games, comics, TV shows, and anything else that reminds them of an 80s/90s childhood. If your market is the Millennial market, incorporate those retro graphics into you site in all their 16 bit glory. Double bonus – it will speed up your load times.

Where to find a UK Based Web Design Company?

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