What are the 4 Types of SEO?

There are 4 key types of SEO that any business should know about if they want to succeed online. Learning to use them correctly

Businesses widely accept that they must harness the potential of SEO if they want to hit the top spots on Search Engine Results Pages. However, the average SME owner doesn’t know enough about that optimisation to perform it effectively. Hiring an SEO company could be the tool that sets you apart from the competition through features like web development, PPC management, and content marketing. If you DIY your SEO, then you need to know the four types well so you can create an effective strategy. This article should help.

What are the 4 Types of SEO?

There are four types of SEO, meaning that you must conquer all four areas if you want to devise a successful digital marketing strategy. The four types of SEO are:

  • On-Page SEO – which takes place on your website
  • Off-Page SEO – which leads to your website from other sites
  • Local SEO – which sets your brand apart for local searches
  • Technical SEO – which includes code written into your page

If you bring all four elements together, you should have a successful online presence. We measure a successful online presence based on how high your business ranks on SERPs. The closer you are to the top spot, the better your chances of pulling in 70%+ of all traffic.

Let’s look at each of these 4 types of SEO in greater detail.

The Four Types of SEO Explained

Each aspect of SEO covers integration in a separate area of your online presence.

1 – On-Page SEO

On page (or on-site) SEO is where you optimise things on your website to make sure you catch as much traffic as possible. One of the best ways to create viable on-page SEO which search engines like, is to create high quality, informative, well-written content. Any page which consistently creates content will rank highly because there are so many defunct websites out there. Creating a sitemap, better menus, and a faster website all help on-page SEO.

2 – Off-Page SEO

Off-page, or offsite, SEO is the same idea but it doesn’t take place on your website. Off page SEO features all your other websites which feed into your main one. It includes social media links to your site, guest bloggers, forum mentions, brand mentions, and link building.

3 – Local SEO

Local SEO is anything you place on your page which helps you rank higher in local search results. Examples are things like showing a map of your area, giving your address, and targeting blogs to specific locations.

4 – Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the optimisation within the code and architecture of your site. Meta tags are good technical SEO examples. This type of SEO aims itself at making your site visible to the search engine crawler bots which log each page of the internet.

All Types of SEO Through a Professional Agency

If you decide that DIY for your SEO won’t cut the mustard, then you can contact a professional agency, instead. Trust TLMT with your SEO needs to get the edge over the competition and occupy those top SERP spots. You can browse our client projects here to witness our results for yourself.

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