What is the Future of SEO in 2023?

The high speed evolution of SME digital platforms means new ways to maximise your business’s chance of scoring high in search engine results. Here’s what 2023 has in store for SEO trends.

Every new year brings new opportunities to fine tune your business in the online world. The global marketplace means global competition, and especially for those with small to medium businesses. Those top spots in search engine results tend to be dominated by the big brand names. If you want a chance of competing, you have to focus on your local SEO and scale your page to size. The future of SEO in 2023 focuses on keyword evolution, local growth, and incorporating new tech into old models of searching.

Top Trends for the Future of SEO in 2023

The next year is going to bring some predictable SEO trends, and some not so predictable evolutions. Here is the TLMT breakdown of what to expect from the current future of SEO.

Keyword Evolution

In its ever increasing need to determine what qualifies as good content, the search engine crawler bots are looking for a different style of keyword already. In the modern online marketplace, good keyword use is as relevant as good website design. The semantically related keywords which relate back to your main keyword? That’s the new big thing. For example, if you sell geraniums, you may wish to discuss plants, shrubbery, gardening, daisies, compost, bulbs, and other relevant words. As we move through the digital age, this tech will become honed to perfection.

Voice Search SEO Grows in Relevance

For those who missed it, Gartner predicted back in February 2022 that voice search use would occupy 60% of all online surveys and customer feedback forms. Voice searches, read aloud features, and speech-to-text, are the future of day-to-day computer interactions. As voice searches increase, there will be a noticeable shift in how we tailor SEO to match.

Colloquial SEO

Current SEO geared towards voice searches focus on more conversational keywords. Where the old search engine user would type minimal words due to poor typing skills, the new user doesn’t need to save time by cutting out phrases. Colloquialism is back in business and it will be interesting to see how accents and dialects reveal themselves in local SEO. To prepare your business for voice search, create a FAQ page, make sure your page is mobile friendly, and rethink your stance on what ‘business English’ really means to the consumer.

Personalisation of the UX through offsite SEO

Across all funnels of marketing and not just in the SEO world, top sellers are predicting that the personalisation of the user experience will power the future of sales. Personalisation on your website means user accounts, where they can store their details and make for an easier shopping experience next time around. Everything you can do to your web design to make that shopping experience or interaction with your brand simpler, smoother, and faster, is attractive in 2023. Expect clients to demand more in immersive personalisation through the user experience. Addressing them on a personal level, through social media marketing, is a good way to improve offsite SEO and give them what they want.

What Lies Ahead?

The SEO field looks set to evolve alongside AI and automation. We predict a future where local searches are the top earning income for TLMT clients. Contact us today to put your expert SEO plan into action.

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