Why Web Design and Development is Important?

Web design and development play a key role in the modern business. Are you at the top of your field?

Wed design and development helps your business display its best facets online. Without an idyllic website, you don’t have that virtual selling space to run an online shop successfully. Web design focuses on designing the website your business will use, while web development develops the site into a useable format. Without their combined forces, creating a unique, tailored, attractive website that acts as a sales funnel, is impossible.

As experts in web design throughout Essex, TLMT have some professional advice that will help you understand web design and development, and why your business needs them.

Understanding Web Design

The act of web design is the act of designing a website for your firm. Web design aspects range from the placement of keywords on pages to the layout of the pages themselves or the overarching persona reflected throughout the entire site. Web design incorporates technical SEO and on-page SEO, as well as content creation, to produce measurable ROI on your digital marketing spend. 

A good web design features a user interface and user experience that clients enjoy. A good website is easy to navigate and simple to search. A well-built website acts as a sales funnel to draw new leads to your brand, where they then convert into sales. Web design is complex, which is why you should hire a good firm like our Essex web design agency to help you.

Understanding Web Development

Web development is what we do when we put the design plans laid out in web design into physical action. It is the act of developing, creating, or building the website that your business will use to showcase itself to the world. Obviously, this aspect of creating your virtual marketplace is complex. It involves software development, can include coding, and often requires data analytics to understand what works and what doesn’t. Web development is the technical aspect behind web design. It’s not about what the site will look like, it’s about how they will make it look like that.

Again, unless you own a tech firm, you will do better outsourcing this work to a UK based web design firm like TLMT. 

Why Design and Development of Websites is Important for your Business?

The modern shopping world is an online one. The days of high street shopping are over. Although we still use bricks and mortar businesses, if we want anything remotely unique, we buy it on the internet. Web design and web development are two sides of the same coin, but without them, you have no digital selling space. Both have multiple benefits for your business, including:

• Building credibility through content

• Defines your brand persona

• Boosts brand recognition 

• Drives eCommerce leads

• Drives traffic

• Drives reach

• Drives sales

Where to find a Web Developer in Colchester?

You can find an expert web design and web developer in Colchester right here with TLMT. We offer effective web development solutions designed around your brand. Our websites are intuitive, responsive, ergonomic, and fully bespoke. We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to creating a virtual storefront. We have the skills and knowledge you need to boost online business and create new leads that convert. Visit our web design in Essex pages for more information.

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