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Why your business F**k’s up every Black Friday!


Get Your Sh*t Together This Black Friday

Ready for a no-bullshit take on Black Friday? Here are some classic facepalm moments you want to avoid:

    1. The Last-Minute Panic

    We’ve all done it – rushing to put together a deal before midnight. Leaving it to the last minute not only stresses you out but also means your customers get a rushed, not-good-enough offer. Black Friday isn’t a surprise event; it’s the same date every year. No excuses!

  1. The Whispered Deal


Got a cracking deal? If you’re not spreading the word across every damn platform you can find, you’re basically winking in the dark – pointless and a bit sad. Email, social media, carrier pigeon – whatever it takes!

  1. The “What the Hell Are We Offering?” Dilemma


Uncertainty is your worst enemy. If you’re unsure about your offer, how do you expect your customers to be excited? Make your deal straightforward and irresistible. Remember, confusion is a deal-breaker.

10% is not good enough! It screams ‘It’s Black Friday we need to do an offer but I don’t want to discount anything – arrgh do 10% off everything, that will do”!

If you can’t be bothered then don’t bother at all.

  1. The Invisible Audience

You might have the best deal since sliced bread, but if no one’s seeing it, who gives a toss? Don’t just post and pray; invest in some targeted advertising. Get your deal in front of the right eyes. A good offer means nothing if the right people don’t see it.

Too many businesses run a really good offer and then put signs up inside the business for 50% off everything, the thing is the customer was already in the door, so you are now losing 50%!

  1. The “Copy-Paste” Offer


Think slapping last year’s deal onto this year’s Black Friday is a smart move? Think again. Recycling old deals not only shows a lack of effort but can also put off your shoppers who want something new and exciting. Innovate, don’t regurgitate!

Don’t be Lazy!

Far too often, we hear that Black Friday is pointless. It never worked for us, they say. However, it’s funny how those are usually the businesses that check off too many of the above statements.

Can you honestly say to yourself, “We’ve thought this through, spread the word like wildfire, and we genuinely believe this is the best offer we’ve ever brewed up!” 😉

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