Now Let’s Put the Information Into Practice!

Over the last 2 weeks, you will have seen a lot of information from us here at TLMT. Information that we hope you have found informative and helpful in these trying times.

However, some of you may still be wondering how you use this information to your advantage and how it can help your business.

Well wonder no more — this article will explain all and hopefully set you up for a very successful marketing strategy in the coming months. 

Let’s begin with selling online:

We recently told you about the importance of modern website design when it comes to boosting your sales.

Starting Your Online Journey

Making the leap from just selling from a shopfront to selling through a website isn’t the daunting task that it can be made out to be, though it will require your time to get right!

In most cases, the orders made through your site will be sent to you in an email, this email will consist of all the information you’ll need to complete the order and get the item or items to the customer. 

In a shop, you’d just hand the item to the customer once they’ve paid, well with an online order you simply post the item or if it’s close enough, deliver it yourself! (This is a great idea if you want to save on postage cost!)

Speaking of convenience, we recently provided information on how to be the business your customers need.

Most payment services that offer an in-store terminal for card payments will offer some form of integration for your website, this means all your money will still be processed in the same way as your offline orders! Easy right?

But first, you’re going to need a modern, functional website that offers your customers the option to buy online. Now, I know the timing is bad for businesses to spend money on a new website when at this moment in time we’re all trying to hold on tight to whatever money we have. Well don’t worry, TLMT are here to help!

Take a look at our article on recent customer behaviour and spending.

A Win-Win Offer You Shouldn’t Refuse

We’ve put together an offer for business owners that means they can get their business online right now and also hold on to their money until we are back to normality. 

Our offer is to build your business a brand new eCommerce website, giving your customers the option to buy online, for no charge! We are delaying the charges for our eCommerce website design for up to 4 months!

Therefore, you’ll have the chance to get your business back up and running before you have to worry about the cost of your new website.

Better than that, you’ll also have the option to spread the cost of your new website over 12 months! Meaning that if your business isn’t back up to full strength for a while after the UK lockdown, you’ll still have the breathing space to protect your cash flow. 

But the main point is, even after this is over, you’ll have a new revenue stream for your business. For some businesses, even ones with storefronts, their online sales can account for over 50% of their revenue!

Read our recent article in which we researched and put together some of the recent profit increases from Ecommerce websites.

We’re Here to Help Local Businesses, More Than Ever

At TLMT, we are committed to providing businesses with the right advice to help them achieve their goals and move forward, growing their business. This is why we’ve put this unmissable offer together and we hope it’ll be the key to success for your business in this difficult time.

For information on this offer or if you have questions please contact us on 01255 446129.

Take care, stay safe, stay at home.

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